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What to Bring

When you come to Jasmine Valley, don't forget, you're coming to the jungle. Some of our guests affectionately call it 'glamping' (glamorous camping). Now, it's possible to do the jungle walk in a pair of thongs/flip flops/sandals, but you might be more comfortable in a decent pair of shoes.

Of course, the jungle has mosquitoes sometimes (hardly any most of the time). Your rooms are equipped with mosquito nets, but you might want to wear long pants in the evening, or use repellant, when outside.

Jasmine Valley is an eco-resort. There are some grounds lights, but not lots and lots them. If you want to go spotting animals at night, or decide to walk around the mountain for a gorgeous sunset, you'll need a torch (flashlight). You can get them for a couple of dollars in Cambodia.

Jasmine Valley is a very sociable place and offers a very relaxed atmosphere. Be ready to meet interesting people, engage with learning Cambodians, and enjoy what most of our guests find is a unique and memorable time.


Q: How bumpy is the Jasmine Valley Trail?

A: Well I've spent a lot of time driving rough dirt tracks and trails looking for hidden surf-breaks in Australia, so for me it's not a big deal at all. For many of our guests it's no problem, and for some it's even part of the adventure. Occasionally someone gets so upset about it that it spoils their whole stay.

I'd suggest that if five minutes of bumpy road is going to mess with you, then you probably won't like having giant geckoes (who eat the mosquitoes) in your room, swimming with fish or the sound of frogs when you're trying to sleep.

Q: Jasmine Valley is on Solar Power, how will this affect my time there?

A: Most likely it won't, but there's a page here with some simple tips on power management.

Q: Can I pay with my credit card?

A: At this stage, we're still waiting for paperwork, so unfortunately we can't offer credit card payment. There are no ATMs in Kep yet (we're expecting one soon), but there is at least one place in Kep you can take cash out for a small fee.

Q: How far is Jasmine Valley from the beach?

A: About 5 to 10 minutes via moto or tuktuk, or a spectacular one hour walk around the mountain. Many guests choose to walk to the beach, have a great crab lunch at Kimly or Srey Mao (at our famous crab market), then take a tuktuk home.

Q: How hot will it be without air conditioning?

A: Being an eco resort, on solar power, we don't have airconditioning. At the time of writing, December, we have guests requesting extra blankets. Yes, Jasmine Valley can get quite cool at night! Having said that, April is the hottest month in Cambodia, and you'll likely need a fan. We do have bedside fans available, which do a pretty good job. For more on the seasonal changes look here.

Q: Do you have a swimming pool?

A: Yes. It's a natural pool, which has a waterfall flowing into it during the rainy season. The water is very soft, coming from the mountain, and very refreshing. It's pretty green sometimes, but we'll be working on a natural filter (using plants) very soon.

We also have two natural springs which are superb swims if you're ok with, well, natural-spring-swimming. They do tend to dry up most dry seasons though.

Q: Should I be scared about creepy crawlies?

A: Don't be scared, be sensible. We're in the jungle, so the creepy crawlies are different to the ones in the cities. As long as you watch where you're walking you'll be fine. You are much more likely to see beautiful giant geckoes and hornbills than snakes or spiders.

Q: Do you have hot water?

A: Nope, but the ambient water temperature is pretty good. Being an eco-resort, we're trying to cut down on both energy and water consumption.

All rooms do have ensuite bathrooms, and we're looking at building some shared warm water bathrooms, with composting toilets and dipping showers for folks who would like to try some real eco-pooping, or authentic Khmer bathing. The composting toilets will help preserve water, and will provide valuable fertilizer for the gardens after the waste has broken down.

Q: Does the room price include breakfast?

A: Yes, a hearty breakfast. You can see the breakfast menu here.

Q: Can we come directly from Siem Reap?

A: Yes, but it's a long day on the buses. You might prefer a stop in Phnom Penh. Cambodia has plenty of bus and taxi services, which you can easily organise through your hotel, or a streeside ticket vendor.


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