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Suggested Itineraries when staying in Kep

Most travelers tend to plan two or three days in Kep. If they've been traveling a while and they've been doing two or three days in each town for the last weeks, or even months, they often arrive in Kep, and decide to stop, relax, and extend their stay.

If you are on a tight schedule and really want to get out and about, here are a few ideas for one-day intineraries. If you're not on a tight schedule, pad it out with a few extra days of flat out relaxing :) There's now a butterfly farm in the valley, so make sure you pop down to see that on one of your quiet days.

One Day

  • Take a moto or a tuktuk out to Kampong Trach to see the sleeping Buddha in the Caves. It'll cost a dollar at the gate and some young people will offer to give you a guided tour with their torches.
  • When you're done, head to a natural pepper farm. There's one with a nice biogas system, where they make their lighting and cooking gas from cow manure. You might even get a swig of their home-made rice wine.
  • Off to the Vine Retreat for a great lunch.
  • Then, you could visit the 'secret lake', which is a dam built during Khmer Rouge days.
  • See the (4th Century I think) Hindu temple in the caves at Phnom Chnork
  • Home for dinner.

Another Day

  • After breakfast, take a leisurely walk around the Kep Mountain. You have gorgeous views across the islands to Vietnam, then across another bay to the Bokor Range and on to Sihanoukville, and eventually Phu Quoc.
  • Have coffee at Veranda Natural Resort, overlooking the bay.
  • Meander down to the Crab Market, for a great seafood lunch by the sea (try Kimly Restaurant or Srey Mao Restaurant).
  • After lunch, stroll around the coast road to the swimming beach for a dip.
  • Have a coffee or beer at one of the Khmer cafes or restaurants, buy some souvenirs, try some interesting local cuisine they sell on the beach.
  • Take a tuktuk home - you've walked enough today.

A Third Day

  • Have a tuktuk pick you up after breakfast and put you on the boat to Rabbit Island.
  • Swim and eat at one of the numerous little restaurants on the beach.
  • Walk around the island.
  • Take the afternoon boat back to the mainland, and your tuktuk will be waiting.

(Don't forget your sunscreen and hat, and you can see a map here, courtesty of Coastal Cambodia)


great hornbills in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

great views in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

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Starfruit Cider in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

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papaya flower in Jasmine Valley, Kep, Cambodia

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