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Seasonal Changes in Jasmine Valley

As with every destination, Jasmine Valley sees seasonal changes. From time to time we have guests who expect perfect weather every day but instead get rain, or they expect a waterfall through a crystal clear pool, but instead it's green and not flowing. These seasonal changes aren't a hundred percent predictable, but here's an attempt to describe what to expect. Oh! this comes with the caveat that the weather has not been identical any two of the four years since we've been here.

The Wet Season
The Rain usually starts late in April or early in May. For the first months it's usually sporadic, with a shower every few days. For the four years that we've been here, there's been a break in the rain during June, sometimes lasting well into July. Late July, the rain starts in earnest, and increases in intensity, duration and regularity until it climaxes with really heavy rain which can last for days. This is a really exciting time, when the waterfally through the pool really flows, the springs are full and the jungle turns on a whole new vibe.

The wet season is the most interesting for may, since it's a time when the animals and birds are most active, the jungle plants grow like crazy and the symphony of sounds in the evenings is nothing short of spectacular.

The Dry Season
The rain generally stops in October or November and we have nice cool days in the mid-twenties (degrees Celcius) with gentle breezes. Nights cool right down into December and January to the point where you may well need a blanket - certainly not an air-conditioner! It starts to warm up again in February and by the end of March you may need to use a fan to keep you cool in the evenings.

April gets really hot in Cambodia. Kep isn't as hot as most of the country, and Jasmine Valley is cooler still, due to the aspect of the valley - the sun rises late and sets early for us; the mountain providing extra shade in the early mornings and late afternoons.

By the end of the dry season the water supplies get really short, so expect the springs to be very low and the pool to be still and green. You can still usually swim in the pool, and the fish are always there for a nibble :)

Unusual Weather
We have had dry seasons with no rain at all for six months straight. We have had a dry season with rain every week or so. We have had wet seasons with almost no rain. We have had wet seasons with lots of rain, starting as early as February.


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