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Whole-Site Bookings

Jasmine Valley is the perfect place for school groups, church groups and organisations to hold retreats and educational programs.

School Groups

International school groups of up to 40 people come for educational excursions with an environmental and/or eco-tourism focus. We take some educational sessions where we look at environmentally sensible building practices and methods, as well as wildlife conservation and appreciation. The kids are exposed to nature in ways that most of them have never imagined, and come away with new understandings.

Tripadvisor Review.

I have just returned from Cambodia having taken the Year 6 classes (31 students) from the Australian International School Saigon for their school camp.

The resort - as advertised is an eco-resort set in the jungle with all things that live in the jungle. Quite a remote setting with a charming ambience and excellent facilities when looked at in context.

The owner, his wife Jasmine and their very helpful staff took great interest in ensuring that our 2 day stay was comfortable, safe and educational for all. Our kids played in the eco-pool, went trekking in the jungle and learnt many things about solar power and eco tourism.

The meals cooked in the wood-fired oven were outstanding, and the staff were very patient in allowing our students to ask questions and even have a go at cooking some pizzas at dinner time!

Having looked at the other reviews- I think it would be fare to say that this is what it is advertised to be 'an eco-resort' and not to be mistaken with a holiday resort.

We will definitely be taking school camps to Jasmine Valley next year, and will also be promoting this experience within the other International schools in HoChiMinh City- a wonderful experience!

Church Groups

International Church mission groups use Jasmine Valley as a retreat before or after their mission. It's also a perfect place for local church retreats. There are plenty of spaces to discuss and debrief, as well as being a perfect place for quiet meditation and contemplation.

Tripadvisor Review.

This was our second time staying at Jasmine Valley and we have booked our third years accomodation for January 2012. Owen and Jasmine have again exceeded our expectations delivering exceptional service in the leadup to our trip, sensational fresh food and an extremely friendly, unique eco environment. Our team of 19 all thouroughly enjoyed our stay. Thank you and well done!

Organisations working in Cambodia use Jasmine Valley as a retreat space. They enjoy the natural surroundings, good food and recreational facilities as tools for 'recharging their batteries'.

Whole-Site Rates

Whole-site reservations are available for $12 per head per night.

The breakfast buffet is $3 per head.
Lunch buffets are $7 per head.
Dinner buffets are $8 per head.

For more information, please don't hesitate to email.

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